Asylum at Live Lounge, November 28th 2008

In asylum, bands, jersey, live lounge, music on November 28, 2008 at 02:30

Launch night

Falenizza Horsepower are a duo, Dave Spars (bass and leaning vocal) and Steve Hutchins (drums and screeching vocal). They are a prolific writing and recording team. They also regularly tour the UK and plan to release split singles with some of the most interesting experimental rock bands in the country.

Brave Yesterday are Alex Pitt (bass and vocals), Chris Nutter (vocals, guitar and percussion), Craig Farrell (guitar and vocals) and Shaun Jacob (drums and percussion). They formed in early 2007. They write very sharp and catchy pop-rock songs with soaring melodies. Their two guitarists create a gorgeously textured wall of riffs on top of a powerful rhythm section. They are a very exciting live prospect. They recently recorded at Jersey Rock Studios with Sam Falle of The Author engineering.

Salem’s Lot write great songs and play them with a hard, menacing style reminiscent of the Stooges. For fans of glorious, unreconstructed rock ‘n’roll with blazing solos and charismatic showmanship, their performance is not to be missed. They are Sam Mezec (vocals and guitar), James Andrews (guitar), Tom Ashcroft (drums) and Nathan Buckfield (bass).

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