Asylum at Live Lounge, December 19th 2008

In asylum, bands, jersey, live lounge, music on December 19, 2008 at 03:22

Fear - Poster designed by Thomas Moyse

The second Asylum show at Live Lounge features wild art rock, electro-fusion, dangerous pop glamour, classic songwriting and delirious performances. The Author are Christian Silver (guitar and vocals), James Dolan (guitar and vocals), Justin Vooles (drums), Jonny Knight (bass) and Sam Falle (synths and samples).

In just a short time  The Author have climbed the slippery media ladder to a position in which none other than Steve Lamacq of BBC Radio 1 is hailing them as one of the most exciting new bands in the country. With their songs played on that national station, and their music available from iTunes, HMV, Napster and other outlets, they have apparently mastered the trick that eludes all but the most ambitious musicians – that of attaining widespread media coverage. Their music is some of the most audacious, danceable, intelligently composed, and exciting material ever to be produced in Jersey or anywhere else. Video footage from the event is to be used for The Author’s promo for the single Household Appliance.

BlackStats are a band who appeared to rapturous reception at the 2008 Jersey Live festival. Their brand of raucous, electrifying rock ‘n’ roll is played with impressive discipline. With their songwriting they are mining a vein of gold; it is classic, timeless stuff with a dark edge. They are Nick Caunce (guitar and vocals), Paul Vibert (guitar and vocals), Stuart Rowsell (bass) and Leon Bouhaire (drums).

Dirtytrades have been on the local scene for less than a year but they’ve made a very big impression. With super-catchy and eloquent stories-in-song in the tradition of classic British pop, they have demonstrated an energetic and passionate approach to live performance that will serve them well wherever they take their debauched and charming show. Dirtytrades are Craig Smith (drums), Tyron Chapman (rhythm guitar and vocal), Joe Rogerson (lead guitar and vocal) and Jamie Hurley (bass).

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