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Asylum at Live Lounge, February 20th 2009

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Donkeys of Rock!

Donkeys of Rock!

Nemesis are Daz ‘The Colonel’ Carre (drums), Brin Harrison (bass and vocals), Zack Mousetrappe (guitar) and Danny Joyce (vocals and rhythm guitar).

In 2007, Guernsey heavy metal deities Nemesis recorded and released a masterpiece of monstrous rhythm, skull-squashing bass, razor-sharp guitar solos and preposterously glorious lyrics: The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Metal.

That CD was the culmination of twenty years of playing, writing and touring that has seen Nemesis heroically endure while all around fashions and ideologies have come and gone. They began to forge their reputation as Channel Islands’ kings of live and dangerous rock ‘n’ roll in 1987-’88. The lineup at the time was Danny Joyce, Darran James, Brin Harrison and Zack Mousetrappe. They played gigs at the Deep End, sometimes with Jersey’s Street Lethal.

In 1989 they recorded the classic EP, Unleash The Beast, which was favourably reviewed in metallists’ bible Kerrang! magazine. By 1990, with Glenn Holmes replacing Mousetrappe on guitar, and the addition of keyboardist Ford, their sound had expanded to include complex rock opera and prog intricacy.

Mark Helyar, exponent of Roland GR50 guitar synth, replaced Ford, and Nemesis recorded their album Smile Or Die. Their tour of UK in support of the new release saw a development of light show and pyrotechnic elements in collaboration with Simon Ellis.

Guitarists leaving had become something of a recurring theme by 1993, as Glenn left and was replaced by Jem from Street Lethal. They toured the UK again, this time in two vans with a crew of sound and lighting engineers. The tour was a legendary, orgiastic frenzy of music, women, booze and matching suitcases.

After ten years of other projects the classic Nemesis lineup reformed in 2003 for a sellout show in Guernsey. The fire of heavy rock never goes out, it just sputters occasionally. The fire of Nemesis began to burn all the more fiercely.

In 2005 Danny and Zack arrived at Darran’s flat in London with a demo of what would become The Hills Are Alive … The album was made in various studios due to the distances between them, but not spiritual distances – they were as one. It was finally completed after nearly two years of recording and production sessions. The results of those labours are a swaggering heavy metal classic that is without doubt one of the most professional and enjoyable records ever to have come out of the Channel Islands.

From Nemesis’ press release: As a bright new year dawns, an enthusiastic and excited Nemesis is joined by 27 year old Daz ‘The Colonel’ Carre on drums, percussion, and explosions. He is an extraordinary talent and adds a hugely powerful, seemingly unstoppable rhythm. Having played in thirteen bands since the age of 13, he has the experience and passion needed to rise to the challenge.When both feet are at full speed attacking the double bass drums he has the intensity of a battalion of Panzer tanks bearing down on you.

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Metal is available to buy on the band’s website

Support for the night is provided by Jersey rockers Salem’s Lot who are Sam Mezec (vocals and guitar), James Andrews (guitar), Tom Ashcroft (drums) and Nathan Buckfield (bass). Having already played two shows at the Live Lounge this winter, the first with Asylum and the second as part of a collective show with Patrick Star, Nailed To The Furnace, Off Limits, Nocturnum and The Revolt, Salem’s Lot are welcome back for this celebration of heavy rock. They are a very entertaining band with an impressively diverse repertoire of superb original songs, well chosen covers and a dirty glam sound.

Asylum at Live Lounge, February 6th 2009

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Heroes not zeroes

Heroes not zeroes

Brave Yesterday are Alex Pitt (bass and vocals), Chris Nutter (vocals, guitar and percussion), Craig Farrell (guitar and vocals) and Shaun Jacob (drums and percussion). Brave Yesterday rocked the Asylum launch night and they’re back again. They write and perform original songs with anthemic choruses and gorgeously melodic arrangements, exhibiting very sophisticated musicianship.

The Speedways are Tim (guitar, synth and vocals), Louis (vocals, guitar and synth), Warren (drums) and Dan (bass). The Speedways were a busy band in 2008. They supported Simian Mobile Disco and Evil Nine at the Watersplash, and played at the Blue Note among other venues. Their brand of angularly funky guitars-and-synth pop is a triumph of intelligent music coupled with emotional power. With arrangements melding influences of minimal no wave punk funk, anthemic power pop and Britpop social commentary, it is with skillful economy that they craft their catchy songs.

Jaded Things are Chris Herbert (bass guitar), Neil Pickles (guitar), Josh Gillard (drums) and Nick Styran (vocals and guitar). Something of a local super-band made up of musicians from other well known and successful rock bands Bothered Face, Moog and Repeater. Jaded Things have had this lineup for about a year, and were drawn together by a need to make melodic noise. Their first gig was in a tiny bar in Callac, Northern France towards the end of 2008. Second gig was at the Townhouse with The Speedways which was a good show with an enthusiastic audience. They’re looking forward to playing a lot more in 2009 and writing some more original material with a view to recording in the spring.

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