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Asylum at Live Lounge, March 27th 2009

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Live and Livin' - Alive and Lovin'

Live and Livin' - Alive and Lovin'

Announcing the second appearance at Live Lounge this year of Lloyd Yates and his band, supported by The Healers and Jackson Lee. They are one of the most industrious musical crews in Jersey with shows lined up for 2009 including appearances at Ha’penny Bridge, Arts Centre, Blue Note, and the Vale Earth Festival in Guernsey.

Band members are Lloyd Yates (vocals, guitar and stomping), Mehdi Padidar (guitar), Scott Keane (bass), Paul Olivier (percussion) and Alex Moody (drums).

Offstage sixth member is Wilson, a recording engineer and sound designer noted for his artistic multimedia experiments as Cowshed Acoustics.

Lloyd Yates writes and performs songs influenced by the likes of John Butler Trio and Ben Harper; a mix of sensitive, gently psychedelic balladry and hypnotic, percussion-propelled groove workouts. His band’s fusion of jazz, soul, folk, and funk is a rare and inspiring treat for all lovers of music played with passion and integrity.

Asylum at Live Lounge, March 20th 2009

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A feast for the ears

A feast for the ears - Poster designed by Chris Mousdale

Banquet are Brett Muldoon (vocals, guitar and dancing), Chris Mousdale (guitar, synths, loops and vocals), Paul Holt (drums, percussion and vocals), and Scott Kean (bass and aahs).

Banquet made a huge impression last year with a series of shows that showcased a highly original sound, with strong songwriting and singing, and audacious live use of computers and synths with guitars, bass and drums. They are currently rehearsing and recording with newly recruited bassist Scott, and putting works-in-progress on their MySpace page as appetisers for this Asylum show which will be their first one of the year, and a comeback that is very keenly anticipated by their fans.

BlackStats are Nick Caunce (guitar and vocals), Paul Vibert (guitar and vocals), Aaron Brown (bass), and Leon Bouhaire (drums).

A band with a very high profile in the Channel Islands, and further afield, BlackStats have been very busy lately. They recorded a set of new songs late last year. After performing at an Asylum event at Live Lounge in November they were the subject of a very positive review in Jersey’s newest, and best, free newspaper, The Isle. Their music was featured on the website of as an endorsement of the company’s ‘Fuzz Factory’ guitar pedal. They have been invited to officially endorse the amps of one of the coolest amp manufacturers in the world, 65 Amps, and most recently they beat a host of local bands to the prize of supporting The Bootleg Beatles at the tribute masters’ Jersey show on 25th April.

The Empty Seven are Rhodri (guitar), Shane (guitar), Dan (bass and guitar) and Stewart (drums) and Kerry (vocals).

An important part of the Asylum project is to present new bands to a growing audience that is pleasingly up for being challenged and experiencing fresh musical ideas. The excellently named Empty Seven have been working together since summer 2008. Their songs seem to hark back to the psychedelic folk heyday of Arthur Lee’s Love, with pop and funk influences in the mix too. They are taking part in the Battle of the Bands events this year, and are welcomed with open arms into the Asylum fold.

Asylum at Live Lounge, March 6th 2009

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Doom straight

Doom straight - Poster designed by Dave Spars

Teaspoonriverneck are a band from Guernsey. They are Jon (guitars), Brett (drums), and Lynchy (bass and vocals). They may be the best band in the Channel Islands (I’ve heard it said). Their music is heavy, technically brilliant, and beautiful. Weird images and atmospheres of twisted myth and folklore pervade their songs’ lyrics. The grinding, almost mechanistic performance of the band, so tight in the grooves and with such controlled ferocity, is astounding.

Falenizza Horsepower, otherwise known as bass and drums duo of Dave Spars and Steve Hutchins, are close associates of the Asylum team. Their enthusiasm, advice, and deep connections within the Channel Islands’ music community, and the wider alternative UK scene, help to make these events diverse, interesting, and credible. It’s always a treat to see them at work on stage. Their epic songs are presented as a dense, dynamic play of textures and poetics; from a raging wall of tightly-controlled menace, to a whisper of subtle accents.

The Centeniers are a new band, born in some way from the broken pieces of the Shatterproof Rulers (hey, that works), and they are playing for the first time in this incarnation.

From Steve Le Long of The Centeniers: I’ve developed some quite old fashioned values regarding music recently and want to produce music that gets people up and dancing. Let’s be honest, after a hard week’s work we want to let our hair down at the end of the week and have some fun. For me, one of the beautiful things that music can do is bring people together, that’s key to the direction of this project. The idea stems from there, the songs we have written so far aim to do just that. Jon (bassist) and myself (rhythm and vocals) both played in Personal Trainer. We were lucky enough to get Swanny (lead guitar) to join as he moved back from Manchester after being in The Merge. Johnny Hill has recently joined the band on the drums, he used to drum for Johnny & The Rats and The Valentines. Jon, Johnny and myself also played together in The Shatterproof Rulers, that was a fun, experimental project. This is a new direction and one we’re enjoying, as it’s our first gig we are all looking forward to seeing what kind of response we get.

Jersey Evening Post, March 4th 2009

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