Asylum at Live Lounge, March 20th 2009

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A feast for the ears

A feast for the ears - Poster designed by Chris Mousdale

Banquet are Brett Muldoon (vocals, guitar and dancing), Chris Mousdale (guitar, synths, loops and vocals), Paul Holt (drums, percussion and vocals), and Scott Kean (bass and aahs).

Banquet made a huge impression last year with a series of shows that showcased a highly original sound, with strong songwriting and singing, and audacious live use of computers and synths with guitars, bass and drums. They are currently rehearsing and recording with newly recruited bassist Scott, and putting works-in-progress on their MySpace page as appetisers for this Asylum show which will be their first one of the year, and a comeback that is very keenly anticipated by their fans.

BlackStats are Nick Caunce (guitar and vocals), Paul Vibert (guitar and vocals), Aaron Brown (bass), and Leon Bouhaire (drums).

A band with a very high profile in the Channel Islands, and further afield, BlackStats have been very busy lately. They recorded a set of new songs late last year. After performing at an Asylum event at Live Lounge in November they were the subject of a very positive review in Jersey’s newest, and best, free newspaper, The Isle. Their music was featured on the website of as an endorsement of the company’s ‘Fuzz Factory’ guitar pedal. They have been invited to officially endorse the amps of one of the coolest amp manufacturers in the world, 65 Amps, and most recently they beat a host of local bands to the prize of supporting The Bootleg Beatles at the tribute masters’ Jersey show on 25th April.

The Empty Seven are Rhodri (guitar), Shane (guitar), Dan (bass and guitar) and Stewart (drums) and Kerry (vocals).

An important part of the Asylum project is to present new bands to a growing audience that is pleasingly up for being challenged and experiencing fresh musical ideas. The excellently named Empty Seven have been working together since summer 2008. Their songs seem to hark back to the psychedelic folk heyday of Arthur Lee’s Love, with pop and funk influences in the mix too. They are taking part in the Battle of the Bands events this year, and are welcomed with open arms into the Asylum fold.

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