Asylum at Live Lounge, April 3rd 2009

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Nocturnum are Midgard Morningstar (vocals), Alex (guitars), Blake (drums) and Muz (bass).

They are a black metal band with a titanic, hyper-gothic sound and a predilection for press releases written in Jerriais, having been writing, performing and recording together since 2007. Work on their first album, Darker Than Darkness – À la Glouaithe dé Dgiâbl’ye, is nearing completion. Samples from it posted on their MySpace profile indicate the shape of things to come; a wall of tightly woven guitar and bass motifs with superbly technical, progressive drumming and the kinds of vocals that follow you into nightmares. Could it turn out to be a masterpiece long-awaited by fans of heavy music since … well, the last Bulletproof album?

Nocturnum have a very loyal following in Jersey, and it is no exaggeration to say their upcoming show for Asylum at Live Lounge is one of the most eagerly awaited of the year so far.

So to Bulletproof, who are Steve (guitar and vocals), Lee (bass) and Eddie (drums). They’ve worked with Function Records, a London based independent record label, over the years, to produce a series of releases that are generally regarded as some of the finest, most socially aware and artistically honest rock ‘n’ roll ever to come from the Channel Islands. Making great records is one thing, but the true Bulletproof experience is a live one, when they tear the roof off any venue with their unsurpassed punk agitations and viscerally stunning musicianship.

We Bury Our Own are Rob (vocals), Jordan (guitar and vocals), Andreas (guitar), Kyle (bass), and Chris (drums).

The band is made up of former members of Labrat, You Might End Up Dead, Dumbass and Road Of Bones. They are masters of thrash and death metal with an emphasis on intricate arrangements and a wickedly energetic style of performance. Add dense horror atmospherics and a desire to get their audiences, in their words, ‘dancing erotically’, and we have a fine example of how Jersey’s hardcore metal scene is a sophisticated and unstoppable force.

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