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Asylum at Live Lounge, June 5th 2009

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Art and heart as one

Art and heart as one

Kevin Pallot is a well known singer and songwriter who has worked with Bob Vincent as a duo, The Big Hellos. Their CD Good Buy has a home in the affections of many collectors of quality local music, as do the memories of their many fantastic shows. He has supported Joan Armatrading, played with Nibs van der Spuy, and in 2006 recorded his brilliant album Let Yourself Fall.

Kevin Pallot and The Pinnacles band members are Kevin Pallot (vocals and guitar), Paul Bisson (lead guitar), Jason Wyatt (bass guitar), Paul Matthews (keyboards and saxophone) and Tim Bryon (drums).

Kevin and the band are currently in the studio with Jono Rothwell recording a five-track EP which will be released this summer. They have a busy schedule for the summer ahead with performances at Jersey Live, Oxjam Music Festival, The Blue Note, The Star, The Ha’penny Bridge and The Samares Summer Festival among the highlights. They will also be supporting Nibs van der Spuy at The Jersey Arts Centre on October 7th.

Lloyd Yates band members are Lloyd (vocals and guitar), Mehdi Padidar (guitar), Scott Keane (bass), Paul Olivier (percussion) and Alex Moody (drums).

Lloyd is a singer/songwriter with true star quality. His distinctive, soulful vocals and subtle, inspired way with melody is perfectly complemented by a band that is at the top of its game. By bringing aspects of African dance rhythms, jazz, funk, soul, and folk idioms together into an impressively united performance, they have gained a reputation as one of the most exciting live bands in the island. They have been recording with Cowshed Acoustics, and the feverishly anticipated results of those sessions will be available soon.

Lloyd Yates by Stacey Yates

Lloyd Yates by Stacey Yates

The Freewheelers is the band project of three musicians who each have towering reputations in their own right.

Jerseybob is a composer of modern folk and love songs who is probably the most well-known and recognisable musician at work in the island today. He has released an album pretty much every year since he started on his musical journey, and they are all fresh, interesting and beautiful to hear.  The Freewheelers, with lineup completed by guitarist and singer Andy Coleman, and bassist Chris Herbert, began as a tribute to Bob Dylan that has since evolved into a showcase for the songwriting talents of these superbly talented musicians.

Jersey Evening Post, May 23rd 2009

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Jersey Hospice Care – Bedell Group Ecuador Challenge, May 24th 2009

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Dave Spars, musician, is undertaking the Trans-Andes Bike Challenge in November to raise funds for Jersey Hospice Care.

Check the latest news from the team here Bedell Group Ecuador Challenge 2009

On Sunday May 24th, at Live Lounge, a live music event is taking place to raise money and promote awareness of the work of Jersey Hospice Care. Six great acts will be performing with support from DJs Carlo and Livingstone. They are Falenizza Horsepower, The Mighty Bulletproof, The Porcupine Effect, Jamie Lee, Esther Rose Parkes, and Salem’s Lot. The event starts at 7pm and continues until 2am, and the entry fee is £5.


Poster designed by Dave Spars

Dave is known among those of sophisticated music tastes as a member of the devastatingly fine Jersey-based band Falenizza Horsepower, alongside Steve Hutchins and Esther Rose Parkes. Steve has written an invitation to what will be a night of unforgettable musical entertainment.

Steve Hutchins’ Epicurean Introduction to Contributing Artists

If you want to run with the maxim variety is the spice of life then you want to be heading down to the Live Lounge this coming Sunday (May 24th) to feast on the spicy smorgasbord of delights being served up for your aural pleasure – all in the name of charity. Specifically raising cash for Bedell Group Ecuador Challenge 2009.

Salem’s Lot will provide a somewhat hefty but essential starter – these young lads regularly dish up large servings of heavy noise to slavering crowds across the island. A good solid band with the right attitude who get better and better each time they pluck/straddle their respective instruments.

After such a heavy starter you’ll no doubt be feeling a little parched. Luckily The Mighty Bulletproof are here to whet your whistle. Bulletproof are nothing like a fine wine. They don’t improve with age. They have always been this awesome. Few if any local bands have been around as long as Bulletproof and can boast such a fine vintage. Such staying power may explain their recent faux-knighthood seeing them upgrade themselves with the prefix ‘The Mighty’. Spitting fury about local politics and whatever else rattles singer Steve’s cage, they always deliver. Never failing to get the crowd moving with their high-velocity razor sharp bursts of energy, they will leave you like the greedy wretch Oliver Twist asking for more.

A period of respite will follow firstly with the sumptuous delights of Esther Rose Parkes. Part of the quieter section of the line up but no less engaging, Esther’s  impassioned songwriting and compelling vocals take you to distinguished and ethereal territory. She is an enormous talent so catch her before she disappears off on various jaunts to European festivals and gigs over the summer and beyond, supporting the release of her forthcoming album.

Cling on to your serviette because you’ll be drooling in amazement at the mind-bending performance of Guernsey’s Jamie Lee. If Heston Blumenthal played guitar he’d sound nothing like this, but his similarly unorthodox and inventive approach to his craft would find kinship with Jamie Lee. Jamie bashes his guitar in all sorts of places, both hands spidering their way all over the strings, resulting in a surprisingly soothing but incredibly emotive and unique result. If you think you have seen this kind of thing before, you are wrong.

The Porcupine Effect will now turn up the heat and get things bubbling with their upbeat, tight and occasionally oddball grooves. They are extremely talented and depressingly young. If there’s a Battle of the Bands event going on you don’t want to be going head-to-head with these guys as they seem to make a habit of winning them. If you’ve seen them before you’ll know exactly why. If they are new to you, expect a melting pot of funky/proggy experiments and a performance as sharp as the spines of their namesake.

If you’re feeling pretty full with such multifariousness, remember to leave a little room for Falenizza Horsepower. As a result of some recent experiments with songstress Esther Rose Parkes, ‘the Horsepower’ currently present themselves as a three-piece. This fusion loses none of their previous tendencies to jump from one noisy idea to another mellow moment but brings a more cultured approach with delicious results.

Now go and puke up this crazy concoction all over James St. With a big grin on your face and take pride in the fact your debauchery is going to a good cause.

Bon Apetit.

Falenizza Horsepower

Falenizza Horsepower - value for money

Jersey Hospice Care and Bedell Group Ecuador Challenge 2009

Jersey Hospice Care is a specialist palliative nursing service which provides holistic care free of charge, for cancer and motor neurone disease patients. It recognises and respects that each person is unique and aims to provide palliative care which meets their needs. This care is provided in the community, in the Day Hospice and In-Patient Unit and continues for the family in their bereavement. Jersey Hospice Care is committed to providing a professional service of the highest standard to all those entrusted to our care. Having been established in 1982, Jersey Hospice Care celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007.

It currently costs around £6,000 a day to run all their services and, as they recieve no funding from the States of Jersey, rely entirely on the generosity of people in Jersey supporting them by donating to, and fundraising for their cause.

Here’s a brief description of the challenge that Dave and his teammates face, from the pages of the Jersey Hospice Care website:

The challenge is to cycle from dense tropical rainforest, over the Andes and down into the steaming jungle and banana plantations of the Pacific coast. Cyclists will travel through every type of landscape and through most weather conditions. In the jungle it is humid and hot with occasional downpours and high up in the Andes it can be cloudy and cold. On the Pacific coast it is hot and very humid. This is a tough challenge. Participants will have to tackle the heat in the jungle, the cold in the mountains and the huge climbs through the Andes and of course the altitude.

Get On Your Bike and Ride!

I asked Dave Spars about how he came to be involved in the epic challenge, and why he wanted to do it, and this is what he said:

About November time last year Angie, my girlfriend, mentioned to me that there was a presentation at the Pomme d’Or Hotel about cycling across Ecuador for Jersey Hospice Care. Did I want to come along and see if I fancied it? Angie seemed really quite exited about it so I thought I’d go along, but if I’m honest I didn’t fancy it at that time. They talked about previous trips they had done, and I found there was a lot of people there who had done this before. I started getting very interested. It’s gonna be tough work, and require lots of training (which I’ve only just started) but it looked like an amazing opportunity to see that part of the world. As a bonus, it will raise awareness and money for Jersey Hospice Care – a very worthy cause. So we put down our deposit and started fundraising and that’s the reason I asked Chris from Asylum and Flavio from the Live Lounge if they’d help me by putting on a night, and good news, it’s happening!

Dave Spars gets ready

Dave Spars gets ready for Ecuador

Asylum photos – October 2008 to May 2009

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Pictures with by-jtl in the filename are by jonny the large.

Click on the images to view at full size.








































Asylum at Live Lounge, May 15th 2009

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Rivers of radiance

Rivers of radiance

The Light Streams are Jack Simpson (guitar and vocals), Ryan Mulhern (bass and vocals), and Jimmy Milne (drums and vocals). They are coming to Jersey from Leeds, home of Leeds United and the Henry Moore Institute, as well as many other great things.

Until recently they were known as Rivers. The songs of Rivers reveal a stunning depth of feeling and joyful approach to melodic invention. Their work with Leeds-based label SoundPeople is noted for its quality and credibility.

A change of name for a new year, and The Light Streams continue to forge a unique path through the British pop landscape. New songs from the EP see them exploring even more thoroughly the authenticity and soulfulness of timeless pop and rock forms.

Their new release, The Lost EP, will be released in June. It was recorded with Andy Hawkins, notable Leeds-based musician and producer of the Pigeon Detectives, Matchbook Romance, and Kaiser Chiefs, among many others.

The Light Streams are a three-piece rock band whose sound is informed by many musical influences, with the classic pop of Beatles and The Byrds well to the fore and mixed ingeniously with sonic experimentalism. A lean, efficient musical prospect on stage as well as in the studio, their songs from Lost EP demonstrate a mastery of the art of the intelligent pop song – groovy, arty (but not arch), and richly orchestrated.

They’ve recently played a handful of well-received shows, and have a few small festivals booked and some dates in Europe planned for later this year.

Crowne are Rory Thun (guitar and vocals), Marcin Lach (drums), Mirek Lenart (bass), and James Underwood (guitar and vocals).

Crowne have been finding artistic inspiration from Germany, Poland and just about everywhere in Europe. They say you could describe their music as being commercial radio music, and the recordings they have produced to date certainly have the sheen and impact one would expect to find in the kinds of anthemic showstoppers that routinely ride high in the European charts. They prefer to think of what they do as four guys showing life as they see it through music.

The Empty Seven are Shane (guitar), Kerry (vocals), Dan (bass and vocals), Stewart (drums), Rhodri (guitar), and Elmo (turtle). This year they have played at Club 72, Terminology and Asylum, and in all cases audiences have been impressed by the kinetic muscularity of the grooves, the wonderful hook-rich nature of the band’s arrangements, and the beautiful voice of vocalist Kerry.

Asylum at Live Lounge, May 1st 2009

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White strips

White strips

A night of compulsive, catchy, dance-influenced acid-candy pop from The Speedways whose lineup comprises Tim (guitar, synth and vocals), Louis (vocals, guitar and synth), Warren (drums) and Dan (bass).

The Centeniers are Jon (bass), Steve (guitar and vocals), Swanny (lead guitar) and Johnny (drums). They are one of the best new bands around, with a tantalising punk-pop aesthetic, a manic literary style,  and a taste for funk and fun.

BlackStats had to cancel their appearance at this event. The terrific rock ‘n’ roll band Salem’s Lot have stepped up at short notice to complete the lineup.

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