Asylum at Live Lounge, June 19th 2009

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Darkness audible

Darkness audible

Nocturnum are Midgard Morningstar (vocals), Alex (guitars), Blake (drums) and Muz (bass).

Nocturnum are a black metal band with an epic sound pitched in the swirling space where heaven and hell do battle: Jagged, motorik rhythms, savage guitar heroics and lyrics of bleak threnody and poetic passion. They have been diligently working on a set of tremendous audacity and verve, and have just finished their debut album Darker Than Darkness. It is a masterpiece of classic metal with production that will leave listeners dazzled. Copies of the CD will be available to buy for the great value price of £2.50.

We Bury Our Own are Rob (vocals), Jordan (guitar), Andreas (guitar), Kyle (bass) and Chris (drums). They are a heavy metal band with a well-deserved reputation for performances of visceral excitement and musical excellence. Their thrashy compositions, heavy as a black hole, are delivered with stunning power, and with the magnetic force of frontman Rob they always deliver quality in spades. They’ve been recording this year and there will be more information on this later.

Chaos Theory formed about a year ago, and this will be their first live performance. They are Josh Feldman (lead Guitar), Joey Conway (guitar), Robert Telfer (drums), Kyle Jones (bass) and Matt Ahier (vocals).

From Josh of the band: Chaos Theory make heavy metal music that is a fresh, bouncy, groove-laden power surge with some thrash mixed in for good measure. Having only been practising for the best part of a year, we have yet to gig. Nevertheless this is not to say that we are not ready! We are itching to showcase our product. From five lads who started jamming in a living room now comes a solid band with tracks that warrant an outsider’s appreciation. We have five original tracks ready and rearing to go, with two more in the pipeline that just require lyrics written for. We also have a handful of covers to choose from bands such as Metallica, Lamb of God and Chimaira.

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