Asylum at Live Lounge, August 7th 2009

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All together now

All together now

Groovefusers deliver a kind of funk rock that is ambitiously experimental and at the same time irresistibly tuneful. The kitschy retro sci-fi theme of their website’s imagery gives a clue to the spirit of their project. Their recent recordings, available to be purchased from their website or previewed at Groovefusers at MySpace, seethe with inventiveness. Signifiers of ’60s funk – burbling wah bass, phasing guitars like lasers from a space battle scene, taut drumming, vocal harmonies, sparse shading of keyboards – slam into something weirdly modern and very dance oriented.



Michael Dryden and Joe Richomme started working together in 2005 for an indie project called Brightsound that would later become 13.53, while Jack Savage joined Josh Yates in The Switch in 2003 to interpret works by Pink Floyd and The Beatles. After both 13.53 and The Switch had broken up in early 2007 the four members of what would become Groovefusers got together as The Good Time Boys, finally settling on a name that perfectly describes the sound and style they currently explore.

The Mulburys, formerly The Echo, are a new band on the scene and they’ve already created a significant impression with their fresh, summery infusion of jazz, reggae and rock at the recent Friends of Vale show at Live Lounge. A week before their next appearance with us they’ll be joining The Empty Seven on stage at Watersplash, Jersey, and the August 2009 edition of style and culture magazine Gallery will contain a feature on them. The Mulburys are Aaron Wheller (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Jack Herbert (lead guitar and vocals), Matt Romeril (bass), and Sam Robinson (drums).

Off Limits are the self-styled best alternative indie band in Jersey, and their claim is justified by a portfolio of recordings that is a supremely confident distillation of Brit beat and punk with clever, urbane lyrics. Off Limits are Jack Moullin (lead vocals and guitar), Geoff Langdon (lead guitar and vocals), Harry A. King (bass), and Ryan Barette (drums). They used to play regularly at Live Lounge and so this performance will be a homecoming for them and their fans.

Off Limits

Off Limits

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