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Jersey Evening Post, October 31st 2009

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Asylum All Ages – Metal vs. Punk – Friday November 20th 2009

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Flame war - Poster designed by Sam Delanoe

This is a battle for supremacy between sneering, nihilistic no-wavers on one side and progressive art-metal fanatics on the other. For one night only, each of these two tribes seeks to prove the other should be dispatched to the softcore shitter. Who will win?

All ages welcome.

Wasted Youth
Wasted Youth MySpace

Critical Mass

Too Many Humans
Too Many Humans MySpace

Demise of Sanity
Demise of Sanity Facebook page
Demise of Sanity MySpace

The Revolt
The Revolt MySpace

Clockwork Sodomy
Clockwork Sodomy Facebook page

The show starts at five o’clock. Entry is three Jersey pounds. Strictly no alcohol allowed.

Thanks to La Motte Street for providing equipment.

October 30th and 31st – Pictures, video and news

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Asylum has been going for a year now and over fifty bands and solo artists have contributed to the nights. It is thanks to those artists that the reputation of Live Lounge as Jersey’s outstanding music venue has grown in that time. Asylum has demonstrated by objectively representing the island’s diverse music culture that it is not necessary to hire tribute bands or the same few guaranteed crowd-pullers to preserve a collective project of artistic relevance. Thanks to all fans of good music in Jersey for their support.

We have chosen to mark the anniversary with a weekend of shows starting on Friday October 30th at Live Lounge with The Raffle, Esther Rose Parkes, Annie Law, Stephan Metcalfe and DJs Carlo and Livingstone. The entertainment continues on Saturday October 31st at Blue Note with The Coal Box Generals, Esther Rose Parkes and Stephan Metcalfe.

The Raffle

The Raffle

The Coal Box Generals

The Coal Box Generals

Annie Law

Annie Law

Stephan Metcalfe

Stephan Metcalfe

Stephan has a blog hosted by WordPress in which his gigs and recording sessions are documented with honest and intimate style. Check it out here Stephan Metcalfe

During a concert in Rörum, Skåne, Sweden on August 14th 2009, Esther Rose Parkes was joined for a performance of her song Climbing The Stairs by Maria McKee. This video was uploaded to YouTube by Loffamalm

Jersey Evening Post, October 24th 2009

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Asylum at Live Lounge, Saturday November 14th 2009

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Metal Noise, Punk Boys and Girls

Metal Noise, Punk Boys and Girls

Six very heavy bands, with styles ranging from hard core punk to death metal, are performing at this rare Saturday booking for Asylum at Live Lounge.

Brutus Stonefist

Formed in Summer 2007 on Guernsey, Brutus Stonefist have the sole intention of writing riffs to make your hair stand on end, beat downs that make you want to run through brick walls, and breakdowns so brutal you won’t even notice that your best friend just smashed your neck. Their sound is described as the biggest, baddest bar brawl ever!

Their appearance on this night marks three-in-a-row for different acts from Guernsey working with Asylum. Brutus Stonefist are Tom Domaille (vocals), Nick Schofield (guitar), Mark Mercier (guitar), James Ogier (bass), and Paul Etasse (drums). Their reputation for extreme entertainment precedes them.


Returning to the Live Lounge for the third time this year, the darker than dark black metal supergroup that is Nocturnum have added to their lineup a second guitarist, Craig. He joins Midgard Morningstar (vocals), Alex (guitar), and Blake (drums). They are apparently still searching for a new bassist but the evidence of their last show was that the effortlessly cool pyrotechnic style of Alex’s virtuosic playing made that seem an irrelevance.


No news yet of the release date of their new album but there is a set of three videos on YouTube in which they discuss it and other things: Bulletproof video playlist. In between the chat there is footage from their opening set at the Bedell Group Ecuador Challenge show back in May. Bulletproof are Steve Creedy (guitar and vocals), Eddie Eversfield (drums) and Lee Gosselin (bass and vocals).

We Bury Our Own

Awesome, progressive, and dark with more than a hint of maniacal fun, We Bury Our Own aim to please with an approach to thrash metal that is both studiously technical and instantly appealing. Rob (vocals), Jordan (guitar), Andreas (guitar), Kyle (bass), and Chris (drums) make an impressive team.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory are Josh Feldman (lead guitar), Joey Conway (rhythm guitar), Kyle Jones (bass), Robert Telfer (drums), and Matt Ahier (vocals). Their new track previewed at MySpace, Rash, is a pile-driving epic with drums shifting dazzlingly between half and double tempos and a wall of guitar riffs that is dense sludge hewn into metrically precise patterns. Its excellent production quality is also worth noting.

Nailed To The Furnace

After a triumphant performance headlining at Branchage In The Asylum, Nailed To The Furnace return to demonstrate their mastery of a uniquely stark and savagely wrought metal style. Work on their album continues despite its producer’s recent injuries. Get well soon, Kyle.

Asylum Halloween at Blue Note, October 31st 2009

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Poster designed by Dave Spars

Witchin' - Poster designed by Dave Spars

The Blue Note in Broad Street has an essential place in the history of musical life in St. Helier. It was established by Noel Flood in the early ’90s as a venue where lovers of honestly played music, predominantly blues, jazz, folk and fusion, can enjoy a comfortably intimate and authentic live music experience.

Asylum has invited The Coal Box Generals to perform there on Saturday October 31st. This duo is a significant offshoot of Guernsey’s esteemed, self-styled ‘cosmic skiffle’ combo The John Wesley Stone, comprising General Shack (acoustic guitar, banjo and vocals) and General Burg (electric lap steel).


Tom Girard of BBC Guernsey Introducing has said of The Coal Box Generals, “It is a treat to see this kind of music being played and played well. They really demonstrate how two men in Guernsey can evoke the sounds of men like Johnny Cash while still maintaining something of their own in the music.”

And what great music it is, infused with the irresistible charm of blues and gospel music crafted to a fine edge, scratchy, atmospheric, and timeless. Their performances are animated by their love of artists reinterpreting the blues for the twenty-first century such as The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band of Indiana, Arizonian alternative country pioneers Calexico, and Nick Cave’s primal blues gang Grinderman. They borrow and mix all manner of American ingredients such as the shuffling dance rhythms of Bo Diddley in their roistering hymn to stimulation Caffeine Benzedrine Nicotine, to the dust-blasted, love-scarred balladry of Whiskey Made The Devil Outta Me.

The Blue Note is a perfect location for a band of such quality and atmospheric power, and we hope you’ll be there for a night to remember. It’s free, too!

Esther Rose Parkes and Stephan Metcalfe will also be performing at the show.

Asylum at Live Lounge, October 30th 2009

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Flower of romance

Flower of romance

The Raffle

The Raffle formed after the split of The Valdees in September 2007. Matt Ward (The Arc and Moped, both of Liverpool, and Yeboah of Guernsey) and Seb Kirk (Yeboah and The Valdees) started jamming with a couple of other lads (the two Nicks from rockers The Bridge). After a few lineup changes they brought in Will (Yeboah and The Valdees) to relieve Matt from singing and writing duties and also to play rhythm guitar so Matt could go back to bass. Not long after they drafted in Ben Hewlett (Yeboah and The Valdees) to take over drumming responsibilities. They had basically reformed Yeboah but as a four piece and instead of playing songs with a dark edge they began writing tunes which hold a breath of optimism in them along with some beautiful melodies and lyrics.

They spent last year mainly writing and rehearsing and played the odd gig but then back to the studio in Autumn 2007 to have a rethink about refining the sound. They got Ben to add more backing vocals so they could do some three part harmonies and carried on writing and practicing.

Now with a mostly brand new set (although they’ve kept a couple of the fan favourites from last year) and a more refined, jangly sound they’re looking forward to pushing forward and getting many people to hear them. If you like ’60s tinged, melodic, guitar pop rock with songs you’ll be humming for weeks then make sure you catch them.

The Raffle are Will Tostevin (vocals and rhythm guitar), Seb Kirk (lead guitar), Matt Ward (bass and vocals), and Ben Hewlett (drums and vocals). They were enthusiastically recommended by Esther Rose Parkes after she saw them perform in Guernsey in Summer 2009.

Esther Rose Parkes

An exclusive introduction to the collection of complex and richly emotional songs making up Esther’s soon-to-be-released album produced by Jim Akin and recorded at Viewfinder Records, LA, and Esther’s home studio in Jersey. With a range of instruments including bass and acoustic guitar played by Jim, drums by Tom Dunne, guitars by Jerry Andrews, and piano and backing vocals by Californian folk rock superstar Maria McKee, it is a uniquely evocative set of songs.

Maria McKee has said of Esther, “Her songs are haunting and intimate, her vocals are complex and rich. There is a gravity to her work that will nourish those of us who have grown weary searching for the sustenance that most contemporary singer-songwriters fail to provide. I’m looking very much forward to a long journey with an artist who will deepen and grow and challenge the listener for many years to come.”

An EP, Slaking The Dust, has recently been made to preview tracks from the forthcoming album and I’ve been lucky enough to get one. In this era of virtual product it is an object of considerable charm and tactile quality with a lovely gatefold package, great art designed by Steve Hutchins, and a rose emblem on the CD applied by Esther herself.


Slaking The Dust EP contains five songs varying in mood from the sparse, introspective title track with its gentle rhythm and optimistic lyric of new beginnings, to dramatic soul ballad Dancer’s Devil steeped in dense rock textures and featuring a vocal performance of thrillingly restrained passion. Everywhere on the disc her new collaborators add interesting tonal colour. Maria McKee’s backing vocals are beautifully judged and Esther’s singing throughout is perfect, delivering her words of love, loss, hope, and mysterious destiny with a rare grace.

Esther recently completed a successful Scandinavian tour. Since returning to Jersey she has recorded a set of songs with Falenizza Horsepower, at Cerf Studio, to be released in 2010.

Stephan Metcalfe

Fans of Stephan Metcalfe who reside in Jersey, of which there are many since he played several well received shows with Brave Yesterday and Oxjam Jersey this summer, have another opportunity to hear his utterly original and gorgeously poetic songs. His various studio projects, including The Engine Room, are collections of formally audacious songs constructed with a quirky experimentation that embraces electronic processing of guitars, drums and voice in a constantly transforming sonic space like no other.

Stephan has recently returned to Manchester where he continues to perform to appreciative audiences, and he is journeying back to Jersey for this special show.

Annie Law

Annie Law is the kind of singer that after just a few moments of hearing her it is obvious that she has a voice of amazingly sensuous quality and a deep understanding of the drama and melodic possibilities of classic soul music. Not only is she a brilliant singer, and excellent guitarist of understated style, but her songs are astoundingly good. With maturity of lyrical invention that belies her youth, Annie Law appears to be slowly but surely building a collection of self-penned masterworks that would sound perfectly right next to many of the great soul classics of the last fifty years.

Annie has played at the last two Jersey Live festivals and at the recent Branchage Film Festival. She supported Nerina Pallot at Jersey Opera House in 2008. She says that since working with other musicians her style has become more upbeat. On this night Annie will be joined by Joe Hutchinson on guitar.

Branchage In The Asylum – Pictures

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Asylum was very pleased to contribute to Branchage International Film Festival 2009 and happy to have attended various screenings and shows. The festival programme was very diverse, the quality of films was extraordinarily high, and the lineup of special guests, producers, directors and media experts was starry. Branchage provides a way for artists, musicians, film makers, writers, and all sorts of talented people to come together, make friends, party, network, plan for future projects, and indulge their passions for artistic diversity and cinematic excellence, and this year’s event delivered all that in spades. There is a very nice review of the festival at The Quietus.

Very big thanks to Justin, Fluff, Leonie, Zach, Flavio, Colin, John, Tobi, Tharindu, Sam, the staff of Live Lounge and the bands for helping to make sure our show was a success. What a great team we made! Thanks to Nina, music programmer, Carla, producer, and Philip, festival programmer, for their great work and support. It was especially thrilling for us to have Philip come to the show and introduce All Tomorrow’s Parties.

Click on the images below to view them large.







Whitechapel Murders




Nailed To The Furnace







Brighton post-rock band British Sea Power performed a live soundtrack to Robert J. Flaherty’s film Man Of Aran at Jersey Opera House. Their music was played with treated guitars, bass, trumpet, keyboards, strings and drums, and made up of little motifs, as if phrases from rock music had been sampled, looped and layered, building in intensity and ebbing away. It was an epic concert. Images of waves smashing into cliffs, schools of sharks, and a hard people living with the barest means under enormous, merciless skies contrasted powerfully with the band’s minimalist drones and metronomic pulses. I think taking photos wasn’t permitted but I managed to get one anyway from my seat in the dress circle.


Brobots! were back for the final night of the festival greeting audience members at the entrance to the Opera House. Duncan Jones’ new film Moon, an homage to the eerie, existential science fiction of the early seventies, in which themes of loneliness of space and fragility of identity are explored with masterful narrative skill, had to be postponed until later that evening and relocated to another venue. For those that could attend the late screening it felt very clandestine and exclusive, especially as the director was there to introduce his film.


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