Channel Islands live music poll for Asylum

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We recently carried out an unscientific private poll to find which live music acts a few friends would like to see chosen from the set of musicians and bands either connected with or situated on a Channel Island. Here we’re asking anyone who wants to offer recommendations or opinions.

Acts can be groups or solo performers. Artists needn’t be based in C.I. but should be currently or at least theoretically contactable, able and willing to play gigs in Jersey at reasonably short notice – think about a month.

The Gaa Gaas (44)
Parker and The Flowing Wow (42)
Scruffians (36)
Stan Smith (22)
The Valentines (21)
Brave Yesterday (15)
FlashMob (15)
Pirate Video Company (15)
The Pirate Party Brigade (9)
Salem’s Lot (7)
Jaded Things (6)
Soulless Kings (6)
Teaspoonriverneck (5)
Bulletproof (4)
Top Buzzer (4)
Whitechapel Murders (4)
Any Given Sunday (3)
Chaos Theory (3)
Falenizza Horsepower (3)
Gum (3)
Nocturnum (3)
The Morves (3)
Beef (2)
Blackgrass (2)
Brobots! (2)
Dead wing (2)
Demise of Sanity (2)
Electric Brick (2)
Experience (2)
Heave (2)
Lifejacket (2)
Morning Face (2)
Oi Division (2)
The Cryptics (2)
The Meatballs (2)
The Wizz (2)
China Aster (1)
Echodeck (1)
Erebos (1)
Giles Robson and The Dirty Aces (1)
Gorey Inbreds (1)
Masticated (1)
Robert J. Hunter (1)
The Centeniers (1)
The JC Band (1)
The Phantom Cosmonaut (1)
The Seagulls (1)
Thee Jenerators (1)
Timmy and The Pelicans (1)

The numbers above represent popularity of bands in mentions or votes. Asylum is inviting bands that top the poll to work with us on a show in Jersey.

UPDATE 16:29 30/04/2012: On Saturday 5 May 2012 the poll will be closed and the top five bands in our chart that are available will be invited to perform at the show. We hope to announce the final line-up for the show on Ryan Morrison’s BBC Introducing in Jersey radio show on Saturday 5 May 2012.

Some commenters have said they are concerned about a few people’s multiple votes for the same band. To tackle this problem, we will be removing any votes of this kind that come from the same IP address. See reply by likeallstars, 30 April 2012 3pm, in the comments thread below for a more detailed response to this issue.

We are counting mentions in comments on this blog post, also on the Asylum Live Facebook page and suggestions that we receive in tweets to @asylumlive

UPDATE 21:18 30/04/2012: We have recounted the votes, removing 57 duplicate votes for bands sent from the same IP addresses. A database of all IPs is maintained for this poll, and any similar ‘spam’ votes will not be counted from now on. We keep available the option to post here anonymously, because we believe it is the right of every web user to be anonymous if they want to be.

  1. Comments are free. The list above, with acts’ names and amount of votes, is edited to reflect any suggestions collected in this comments thread. So it’s sort of dynamic, in the sense that we’ll be counting any votes and updating the list of live favourites. We’ll then book and manage a show in a good venue, with first-class technical stage and sound support, and art-directed design (sets, projection, lighting and media). The line-up will reflect popularity as represented in our poll results here; so far as possible the chart is the absolute guide to building that bill. Share the n0ise.

  2. Lifejacket, Heave, Teaspoonriverneck, Thee Jenerators for starters, all awesome bands from Guernsey, everyone should want to see all of them 🙂 (I’m sure I’ll come up with more too) – also The Phantom Cosmonaut would be up for spreading his wings on other islands, or so he tells me…

  3. Bulletproof.

  4. My two favourite – Salem’s Lot (duh) and FlashMob.

  5. The JC Band –
    contact details 07829 888 363.



  6. would love to but….no Cryptics!!!!!

  7. You guys could organise more than one event… and get ALL of the bands on the list to play. Over a weekend perhaps? Pretty much every band on that list is great.
    This shitty island has virtually no scene at all, and you guys could certainly provide a great step forward for it, away from the epitome of musical hell that is ‘Chambers’.
    As far as the vote goes, I’d go with pretty much all of those bands. But Morves, Falenizza Horsepower and Cryptics are among my faves.

    • Hi Mart, thanks for your encouraging comments. It’s been a while since Asylum has done anything so we’ll just do a night to begin with, and if that goes well another one and so on. I like your suggestion of a weekend, we’ll give it some consideration. In the meantime, the date of our first event of 2012 will be announced soon.

  8. Lifejacket would definitely be up for it

  9. Top Buzzer ! but where are Jaded Things ?

  10. Top Buzzer me thinks!

  11. Thanks for your votes Joanna. You’ve mentioned Jaded Things so they’re on the chart. 🙂

  12. Flashmob please 🙂

  13. FlashMob and Salems Lot! always a great pairing! Erebos, Blackgrass and Stan Smith are are great too!

  14. Add Scruffians please!

  15. Add Jersey band Scruffians! My vote is for PVC and Flashmob

  16. Get Scruffians in on it, would be sweet

  17. Scruffians obviously?

  18. Scruffians and FlashMob!

  19. Scruffians 🙂

  20. Scruffians 😀

  21. Scruffians yeh?

  22. Scruffians and Flashmob

  23. yeah Scruffians dont nearly gig enough, that’d be great!

  24. What about us ‘Soulless Kings’

  25. Scruffians!

  26. oh yeah meant to vote for blackgrass,electric brick and pirate video company

  27. The Gaa Gaas , great band !

  28. I would like to give Pirate Video Company a mention they’re the best thing to come out of jersey since professional wrestling and sliced bread

  29. Scruffians + PVC

  30. Scruffians and Pirate Video Company

  31. Scruffians!!!!!!!

  32. The Valentines & The Gaa Gaas

  33. Pirate Video Company or else

  34. Scruffians

  35. Scruffians!!!

  36. The Wizz

  37. Scruffians & Pirate Video Company

  38. The Wizz!!

  39. Scruffians

  40. Soulless Kings all the way

  41. To be honest, I this is a pretty naff way to pick bands to line up a gig. Every band in this list are worthy of a slot. Why don’t you just pick 5 bands at random for the gig and then pick another 5 for the next gig, and so on. Obviously take genre into account though. Is every Nocturnum fan gonna love The Cryptics for example? Probably not. Being popular doesn’t mean you are a great band either. Hopefully with more gigs on the way though, the island scene might pick up a bit. It’s fucking dead right now. It’s about unity. Let’s stick together, every band and music lover. With so many awesome bands in the Channel Islands, this could turn into something great, like I’m told it used to be 15 years or so ago. That’s my views anyway. All the best Asylum. Hopefully this will be the first of many. Party on!

  42. The Gaa Gaas ❤

  43. bissell that is a top post!! Morning Face and Soulless Kings

  44. Jaded Things. Top Buzzer. Bulletproof. Punk’s not dead!

  45. PVC , Soulless Kings and The Gaa-Gaas

  46. PVC + Oi Division

  47. 1. Pirate video company. 2. Any given sunday. 3. Soulless kings.

  48. Pirate Video Company & The Scruff Brigade (scruffians)

  49. Heave + Teaspoonriverneck + Whitechapel Murders = Stoner bashing time!

  50. Scruffians!

  51. Scruffians.

  52. Scruffians and Pirate Video Company !

  53. Scruffians!

  54. scruffians, the sexy mother fucks


  56. Scruffians !!

  57. Brave Yesterday

  58. scruffians!

  59. scruffians

  60. Soulless Kings ftw!

  61. Scruffians.


  63. soulless kings , blackgrass

  64. Scruffians, PVC plz

  65. Brave Yesterday

  66. tough one. top three i think are brave yesterday, jaded things and top buzzer

  67. Soulless KIngs!! Amazing!!!

  68. Scruffians is where its at

  69. PVC Fudez!

  70. Brave Yesterday

  71. Brave Yesterday

  72. Brave Yesterday!!

  73. Chaos Theory

  74. Brave Yesterday

  75. Brave Yesterday


  77. Brave Yesterday!!!! 🙂

  78. Brave yesterday!!!!!!! 🙂

  79. Brave Yesterday are well good! Massive fan!


  81. Brave yesterday.

  82. Brave yesterday. Flipping awesome and great local band

  83. Brave yesterday without a doubt. Go guys!

  84. Brave yesterday please

  85. My vote goes to any given Sunday and Souless kings . Can we add pirate party brigade? We’re always keen to add gigs to the diary. 🙂

  86. Brave yesterday because their great

  87. BY are epic

  88. Brave Yesterday!

  89. any given sunday and soulless kings

  90. Brave yesterday please x

  91. PVC, Brave Yesterday,

    Bring back Velofax!

  92. The Gaa Gaas, they never play in Jersey!

  93. Chaos theory

  94. Jaded things and brave yesterday

  95. Scruffians or gtfo

  96. Scruffians! Their new track uploaded to soundcloud was SWEET AS

  97. Scruffians & PVC

  98. Scruffians

  99. Brave Yesterday

  100. BY would be nice!

  101. China Aster

  102. FlashMob

  103. soulless kings

  104. FlashMob Jersey’s greatest band

  105. FlashMob and Salem’s Lot

  106. FlashMob and Salems Lot

  107. FlashMob and Salem’s Lot

  108. Scruffians

  109. FlashMob and Salem’s Lot

  110. Robert J. Hunter

  111. scruffians

  112. Flashmob

  113. FLASH MOB !!!!!!!

  114. Salem’s Lot

  115. Robert Hunter for sure!

  116. Brave Yesterday

  117. Brave yesterday

  118. Brave Yesterday!

  119. Pirate Party Brigade

  120. Pirate Party Brigade

  121. The Problem with anonymous votes are you can vote 100 times for your own band, not really a true vote, get it on facebook to link to people’s profile and you will get a better idea…

  122. Brave yesterday!!!!!

  123. Brave Yesterday

  124. Brave yesterday

  125. Please get Timmy & The Pelicans on the list!!!

  126. Pointless voting system. Dont really want to come out and watch the bands who have the most free time in front of their laptops to spam fake votes on a web page (appears to be happening already…) – get a proper system sorted so we can see some good bands!

  127. brave yesterday every time..

  128. Brave Yesterday

  129. Brave Yesterday

  130. Brave yesterday. Amazing band. Thanks

  131. Would like Brave yesterday please

  132. Some of this might be the same person being damn well out of order voting For them selves but for the true others we like the music and follow the band.

    Brave yesterday please

  133. Just so you know I voted for the Pirate Party Brigade twice this morning, so we’re only on 2, just testing the system to see if it’s possible to vote more than once. it’s clear who the fakes are!! We’re game on supporting Asylum, give us a shout on 07797913583 if you want us. can you please remove us from the list.

  134. GUM, The Centeniers, The Dirty Aces, Pirate Video Company, The Valentines, Brobots! …Cheers to those who voted for my band X

  135. Good to see there’s a flare in Jersey again!

  136. Pirate Party Brigade 🙂

  137. How could I forget… Parker And The Flowing Wow

  138. Demise Of Sanity!

  139. Flashmob

  140. As discussed, please can you remove us from the poll?


  141. Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know, we’ve asked to be removed from this poll as well. We don’t see the point in cheating, we enter a lot of stuff like this and our fans have got used to voting for us. It all seemed like a bit of fun at the time so we did a post on facebook yesterday asking our fans to vote.. thankfully, some of the 2,000+ fans we have on there decided to help us out (you know who you are, legends!). We’d love to support this though, it’s great for the Channel Island music scene, there are some phenomenal bands on this poll! So good luck to all the acts on here, hopefully catch you guys soon.


  142. Hello. All comments, votes and opinions are most welcome so thank you. Brave Yesterday and The Pirate Party Brigade have asked to be removed from the list because a few people have spammed the poll with duplicate votes. I agree this might lead to some performers feeling they’ve won the slot unfairly, or been deprived of the chance to play.

    I won’t be removing any bands from the list – if your band is in the top five by next Saturday and you don’t want to be on the bill, simply decline our invitation then and we’ll ask the next rated band on the list instead.

    There is a relatively easy way for us to check if cheating has occurred by striking out more than one vote for the same band that was sent from the same IP address. We will be doing this shortly. I trust that will settle the worries of those concerned.

    To those who have said this is a “pointless system”, I beg to differ. In just one day, this web page received over 1,000 hits, and sent over a hundred click-throughs to dozens of bands’ Facebook pages, where interested readers presumably liked what they saw, listened to the songs, etc., and gained Asylum lots of interest for its upcoming promotions. We’re happy with all of that.

    Please don’t take it too seriously, it’s not the Senatorial elections is it? This is only the first of many shows Asylum will promote in 2012-’13, and I’m sure everyone who wants to will get a chance to play.

    Chris Almond, Asylum.

  143. Scruffians and Pirate Video Company!

  144. Pirate Party Brigade

  145. Just want to add that people do have the facility to spam from more than one IP! Fill your boots though guys – if it promotes local music by even 1% then great. Just remember that bands who spam wont bring crowds. And its obvious who that was by how much the points changed 😉

    • Assuming this is referring to us 🙂 I think a fair few of our fans voted more than once. In fairness, the website was taking a while to update, and so I, personally, ended up voting twice because I assumed that it hadn’t worked, when really the site just hadn’t updated. Oh well, it’s all legitimate now! Thanks to Asylum for hosting this one buy the way!

      • Yes, duplicated votes for the same bands from the same IP are not counted. The page update is done manually and takes a while because of that cross-referencing, plus I have a day job! 🙂

  146. Soulless kings!!

  147. The Gaa Gaas

  148. The gaa gaas

  149. The Gaa Gaas

  150. The gaa gaas xx

  151. The Gaa Gaa’s- sam mason bell

  152. the Gaa Gaa’s-Colin De La Mare


  154. The Gaa Gaas

  155. Jaded Things

  156. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  157. The Gaa Gaas

  158. Teaspoonriverneck!

  159. The Gaa Gaas

  160. Jaded things!


  162. Tha gas gaa s are the future

  163. !!! BRAVE YESTERDAY !!!

  164. the valentines. haven’t seen them in ages.

  165. The Gaa Gaas


  166. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  167. Parker & The Flowing Wow – Obviously

  168. PATFW

  169. Parker and the flowing wow

  170. Parker and tHE fLOWING wOW


  172. Parker!!!

  173. Parker & The Flowing Wow! BOOOM!

  174. Parker & The Flowing Wow…………

  175. Parker and the Flowing Wow

  176. parker and the flowing wow

  177. Parker & The Flowing Wow……

  178. Parker and The Flowing Wow

  179. Parker & the flowing wow!

  180. Parker and The Flowing Wow so MANY good songs!! Great album about to be released (I’ve heard some of it and it rocks!)!!!!!

  181. Parker and The Flowing Wow…..great band!!!!

  182. pakre and the flowing wow

  183. Valentines

  184. Valentines and Scruffians, both would be super lovely x

  185. Brave yesterday. Simples

  186. Brave yesterday. Great local band.

  187. Brave yesterday please. Nice to see this on fb how exciting

  188. Cheers for the heads up mates. Brave yesterday yeah.

  189. BY. Enuf said

  190. Saw them at jersey live. Brave yesterday

  191. Seeing as I’m in gum, I won’t vote for myself.
    The gaa gaas and the valentines (I used to be in them, can I have two votes?)

  192. The Gaa Gaas

  193. Brave yesterday. Go fellas

    • Super mugger, Fan, Chick magnet, Michael boy”a”, Debbie, Sally, Sophie, and Anonymous – your votes all come from the same IP address as previously used to vote for BY so they’re not counted. Sorry if you are different people using the same device to vote, but that’s the rule.

  194. The Gaa Gaa’s

  195. Thanks for all the new votes so far today. The chart has now been updated. Keep them coming! The poll closes at noon Saturday 5 May.

  196. The Gaa Gaas= AMAZING

  197. The Seagulls are up for anything!And are of course brilliant.Im in the band therefore have a suitably unbiased opinion.

  198. The Gaa Gaas 🙂

  199. The Gaa Gaa’s
    Yes please!!!!

  200. the gaa gaas for sure

  201. THE Gaa Gaa’s get all over it

  202. the gaa gaa’s

  203. get ur gaa gaa out

  204. the gaa gaa’s

  205. the gaa gaas and the meatballs

  206. Nocturnum & Masticated \m/

  207. Nocturnum & Masticated \m/

  208. and the meatballs!!!!

  209. Parker & The Flowing Wow please!!

  210. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  211. The Gaa Gaas

  212. Parker and the Flowing Wow

  213. Brave Yesterday and Pirate Video Company for me. Achieved the most out of jersey’s alternative bands by far! Glastonbury!!

  214. Pirate Video Company, the Gaa gaas and the valentines and Solar jones (circa 1998)!!!!

  215. the gaa gaa’s for sure

  216. Parker And The Flowing Wow

  217. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  218. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  219. Parker and the flowing wow

  220. Parker and the Flowing Wow

  221. Parker and the flowing wow

  222. We just found a bunch of votes in our spam folder … Oops! Validating and counting them up now.

  223. Gaa gaas Xx

  224. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  225. The Gaa Gaa’s

  226. The Gaa Gaas

  227. The Gaa Gaas

  228. So if we are using our school common room computer and we want to vote for our fav Banda we can’t because of the IP address? That’s dumb and not fair. We are year 13 DLS and love BY, PVB, and the V but all our votes are discounted. What about families! They can only vote for 1 band but they may only have 1 taptop or computer for the family. And what if your voting from a coffee shop or library. This should all be void as it’s gone very wrong.

    • Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated and understood. Some people were sending the same band multiple votes and we received complaints about that. Our solution was to count one vote per IP address. Many on-line polling systems use this method to safeguard against ‘spam’ votes. I don’t doubt that you are a group of individuals using one computer at school – but to avoid more accusations of unfairness we need to verify this. If you want to recast these votes, please send your names and email addresses to me, Chris Almond, at likeallstarsATgmailDOTcom – substituting the AT for @ and DOT for . – along with the votes you’re sending. Your email addresses will not be shared with any other parties. Thanks!

    • Everybody who votes from home (families), are in exactly the same boat as everyone else. The idea should be to get your FANS to vote and not try and rally loads of people at your school to vote. bands who aren’t at school have less of a blanket target audience to manipulate into voting anyway. So it’s all fair I’m afraid!

  229. Gaa gaas

  230. The Gaa Gaa’s and PARKER of course! x

  231. missed out a few before….Top Buzzer, The Valentines, The Gaa Gaas, Oi Division, Parker and the Flowing Wow and GUM

  232. Brave Yesterday!!! Thanks!

  233. Parker And The Flowing wow………..All the way……….

  234. Pirate party brigade

  235. stan smith

  236. Parker and the floppy flappers 🙂

  237. Parker and the flowing wow

  238. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  239. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  240. Any givern sunday and PVC.

  241. Parker & the Flowing Wow

  242. the valentines

  243. The Valentines

  244. whoops! double post there for the valentines cos the first one didn’t show. please only count that as one.

  245. the pirate party brigade

  246. parker and the flowing well !!!!!

  247. Parker and the flowing wow. I love it!

  248. The Valentines !!!!

  249. Can you remove Soulless Kings from the poll we will be at Download that weekend

    • Thanks for letting us know you’re not available on 9 June. We hope you can join us for another event in the near future.

  250. Of course Parker and the flowing wow

  251. Parker and The Flowing Wow …………..Do it!

  252. Parker and The Flowing Wow ……….Do It!

  253. The Gaa Gaa’s XXXXX

  254. SCRUFFIANS! . .

  255. ‘the scruffians’ .. this band is the the next big thing, fuck this justin beiber bullocks! FFS there lead guitarist is scottish!!!!!

  256. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  257. The Gaa Gaa’s 🙂

  258. The valentines hands down

  259. Parker & The flowing Wow
    Of course !!!

  260. The Valentines ❤

  261. Parker and the Flowing WOW!

  262. Scruffianssss

  263. The Gaa Gaas please

  264. The Gaa Gaas

  265. The gaa gaas please

  266. The Gaa Gaa’s!

  267. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  268. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  269. The poll closes at 12 noon Saturday 5 May.

  270. The Valentines and Scruffians… dream team

  271. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  272. Pirate Party Brigade please

  273. Pirate Party Brigade Yes Yes

  274. The poll is now closed. Thank you to everyone who has voted and commented. We will announce details of the Asylum Poll Winners’ show here soon. We look forward to welcoming bands and fans to Live Lounge Jersey for a series of unmissable events in 2012 and beyond!

  275. Pirate party brigade

  276. Parker & The Flowing Wow

  277. PIrate video company

  278. Parker and the flowing wow!!!!

  279. the gaa gaas chris

  280. […] unique brand of eclectic live productions. Following an overwhelmingly well subscribed recent poll to find the most requested live bands in Jersey, the top five acts chosen by fans are performing at […]

  281. Parker and the Flowing Wow

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