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In asylum, hotel de normandie, jersey, london on April 15, 2014 at 23:51



In asylum, hotel de normandie, jersey, london on April 15, 2014 at 23:44

Barringtone at the Hotel de Normandie on Saturday April 19 is not to be confused with BARRINGTONS of St Helier. After enquiries they have received in the past week, the jewellers in Conway Street say they are mystified. They point out the concept of a bricks and mortar jewellery shop, its staff and administrative systems somehow delivering a rocking showcase of avant-garde pop at a hotel in Havre des Pas, is absurd. Fortunately for Asylum we have Barringtone. In Jersey the band is mostly known for its name’s similarity to the jeweller’s, of course. Elsewhere they are mostly known for the musical evolution of band member Barry Dobbin’s unique songwriting style of technical oddity and melodic elegance following his work with successful Brixton art rock band Clor. It’s not all bad for BARRINGTONS either, because they’re happy with all the renewed customer attention it has brought to their shop. We’re just spreading the love. Just a word of warning though: If you are in Jersey this weekend and want to join Barringtone and friends, don’t go to the jeweller’s shop and expect a rock gig to happen, because it won’t.

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