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Asylum late 2009 in pictures

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These three photos by Mikey Phillips are from a stunning set taken at Metal vs. Punk which can be viewed in Asylum Live Lounge Facebook album. For more information about the photographer and commission enquiries contact

Eddie Laffoley by Mikey Phillips - November 20th 2009

James Andrews by Mikey Phillips - November 20th 2009

Wasted Youth by Mikey Phillips - November 20th 2009

A collection of great photos by Danny Evans from Branchage In The Asylum on October 3rd can be seen at Branchage Film Festival. Click on the image below to view them all.

Branchage In The Asylum by Danny Evans - October 3rd 2009

Here are some more photos from a few of the highlights of the last half of this year.

Crowne - August 28th 2009

Gorey Inbreds - September 18th 2009

Livingstone and Almond by Sebastian Meyer - October 1st 2009

Stephan Metcalfe at Blue Note - October 31st 2009

Esther Rose Parkes at Blue Note - October 31st 2009

General Burg of The Coal Box Generals - October 31st 2009

General Shack of The Coal Box Generals - October 31st 2009

The Coal Box Generals at Blue Note - October 31st 2009

Brutus Stonefist - November 14th 2009

Jersey Evening Post, October 31st 2009

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October 30th and 31st – Pictures, video and news

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Asylum has been going for a year now and over fifty bands and solo artists have contributed to the nights. It is thanks to those artists that the reputation of Live Lounge as Jersey’s outstanding music venue has grown in that time. Asylum has demonstrated by objectively representing the island’s diverse music culture that it is not necessary to hire tribute bands or the same few guaranteed crowd-pullers to preserve a collective project of artistic relevance. Thanks to all fans of good music in Jersey for their support.

We have chosen to mark the anniversary with a weekend of shows starting on Friday October 30th at Live Lounge with The Raffle, Esther Rose Parkes, Annie Law, Stephan Metcalfe and DJs Carlo and Livingstone. The entertainment continues on Saturday October 31st at Blue Note with The Coal Box Generals, Esther Rose Parkes and Stephan Metcalfe.

The Raffle

The Raffle

The Coal Box Generals

The Coal Box Generals

Annie Law

Annie Law

Stephan Metcalfe

Stephan Metcalfe

Stephan has a blog hosted by WordPress in which his gigs and recording sessions are documented with honest and intimate style. Check it out here Stephan Metcalfe

During a concert in Rörum, Skåne, Sweden on August 14th 2009, Esther Rose Parkes was joined for a performance of her song Climbing The Stairs by Maria McKee. This video was uploaded to YouTube by Loffamalm

Asylum Halloween at Blue Note, October 31st 2009

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Poster designed by Dave Spars

Witchin' - Poster designed by Dave Spars

The Blue Note in Broad Street has an essential place in the history of musical life in St. Helier. It was established by Noel Flood in the early ’90s as a venue where lovers of honestly played music, predominantly blues, jazz, folk and fusion, can enjoy a comfortably intimate and authentic live music experience.

Asylum has invited The Coal Box Generals to perform there on Saturday October 31st. This duo is a significant offshoot of Guernsey’s esteemed, self-styled ‘cosmic skiffle’ combo The John Wesley Stone, comprising General Shack (acoustic guitar, banjo and vocals) and General Burg (electric lap steel).


Tom Girard of BBC Guernsey Introducing has said of The Coal Box Generals, “It is a treat to see this kind of music being played and played well. They really demonstrate how two men in Guernsey can evoke the sounds of men like Johnny Cash while still maintaining something of their own in the music.”

And what great music it is, infused with the irresistible charm of blues and gospel music crafted to a fine edge, scratchy, atmospheric, and timeless. Their performances are animated by their love of artists reinterpreting the blues for the twenty-first century such as The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band of Indiana, Arizonian alternative country pioneers Calexico, and Nick Cave’s primal blues gang Grinderman. They borrow and mix all manner of American ingredients such as the shuffling dance rhythms of Bo Diddley in their roistering hymn to stimulation Caffeine Benzedrine Nicotine, to the dust-blasted, love-scarred balladry of Whiskey Made The Devil Outta Me.

The Blue Note is a perfect location for a band of such quality and atmospheric power, and we hope you’ll be there for a night to remember. It’s free, too!

Esther Rose Parkes and Stephan Metcalfe will also be performing at the show.

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