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Barringtone at the Hotel de Normandie on Saturday April 19 is not to be confused with BARRINGTONS of St Helier. After enquiries they have received in the past week, the jewellers in Conway Street say they are mystified. They point out the concept of a bricks and mortar jewellery shop, its staff and administrative systems somehow delivering a rocking showcase of avant-garde pop at a hotel in Havre des Pas, is absurd. Fortunately for Asylum we have Barringtone. In Jersey the band is mostly known for its name’s similarity to the jeweller’s, of course. Elsewhere they are mostly known for the musical evolution of band member Barry Dobbin’s unique songwriting style of technical oddity and melodic elegance following his work with successful Brixton art rock band Clor. It’s not all bad for BARRINGTONS either, because they’re happy with all the renewed customer attention it has brought to their shop. We’re just spreading the love. Just a word of warning though: If you are in Jersey this weekend and want to join Barringtone and friends, don’t go to the jeweller’s shop and expect a rock gig to happen, because it won’t.

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Barringtone with Falenizza Horsepower, Esther Rose Parkes, wacʞkrow and DJs Livingstone and Carlo Zen

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Hotel de Normandie, Havre des Pas, Jersey. 19 April 20:00 to 02:00. Tickets available. Visit White Label Records at Colomberie, St. Helier or call +44 (0)1534 730265.


Asylum 19 April 2014

Jersey’s occasional alternative live music venture Asylum, in partnership with Hotel de Normandie, proudly presents



Barringtone are Barry Dobbin (Clor), Connan Cooledge (Stout Yoeman of Rock!) and Boomer Opperman (Plugs)

Compelled by forces beyond their control they channel “progressive, expansionist marching music” while inhabiting a musical space which they describe as being simultaneously “out there” and “right here”.

They had their first single out in 2008, Snake In The Grass, and are about to release a couple more singles over the next few months with Onomatopoeia Records.

Barringtone have supported Friendly Fires, Ladyhawke, Bobby Conn, The Chap, Supergrass, and The Young Knives on a national tour. The single had considerable airplay on BBC Radio 6 and XFM, and was played on BBC Radio 1.

“Unhinged but accessible, deranged but irresistible experimental pop with a sensibility informed by a love of Eno, Moroder, Devo and, yes, Todd Rundgren … darting, careening slither of melodic madness … A sonic miasma of bizarre urge-driven splendour.” ~ The Guardian

Esther Rose Parkes


The early influences of Esther’s life have been political, literary and musical. With a European background which takes in Germany, Sweden, France, the UK and the Channel Islands, she draws on a complex tapestry. Her work is not easy to pigeonhole, influenced as it is by the complex geography of her life and the tributaries that feed into her voice and the sense that it carries of these shadow countries.

“Esther’s songs connect blues and folk music to create haunting, intimate narratives of psychogeography, peopled by characters both of this world and somewhere other. Her current album, The Other Country, is an exquisitely produced treasure box of beautiful singing and burnished, timeless country blues virtuosity.” ~ Asylum

Falenizza Horsepower


Falenizza Horsepower are a two-piece (and for a brief period three-piece) band based in Jersey C.I. They’ve been going for years, since 2005 to be exact. They visit the UK a fair bit, and they released a highly collectable CD & DVD a year ago titled What a pair of balls.

“In hot plasma of electric distortion, cross rhythmic interplay of drums and bass dissolves as the music conjures intimations of cosmic catastrophe on the scale of galaxies tipping inexorably together at the edge of a murky dew-drop we call the universe.” ~ Asylum

“spluttering, kicking and spitting” ~ Function Records



Jersey born Christopher Wackrow returns to the island for a lengthy pit stop after racing around cities for 9 years. Having not performed on stage as a singer/guitarist since 2008 supporting The Oscillation as Velofax at that year’s Branchage Film Festival, he decided to get a band together and keep his hand in. The band consists of Wackrow with former band members Gary Law, bassist, and drummer James Bell.

Expect no old material, just a bunch of new songs written since his return, musically inspired by acts from Five Star through to Cavern Of Anti-Matter, accompanied by solipsistic lyrics, sweat-covered guitar and all round determination. Enticed ..?

DJs Livingstone and Carlo Zen


Long-standing friends of Asylum promotions, the hippest disc spinning duo in Jersey dive into the field of experimental audioravishment.

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Barringtone   Esther Rose Parkes   Wackrow   Falenizza Horsepower

For more information contact @asylumlive

Sound Of Rum at Live Lounge, Saturday May 15th

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Sound Of Rum are playing in Jersey this Saturday, May 15th 2010. The Live Lounge, the island’s seriously cool venue for live music, will host what will be a very special night for lovers of jazz, beats and hip hop.

Sound Of Rum are rapper Kate Tempest, guitarist Archie Marsh, and drummer Ferry Lawrenson. Ensembles like this do not visit Jersey any way near enough. So, if you are up for catching what just might be the best show at the Live Lounge yet in 2010, where can you find out more about this event and the band that Rob Da Bank hailed as a band to follow? I’m glad you asked …

It’s the informative, welcoming, and official Sound Of Rum website where you can find content from the band’s gloriously random diary-esque Twitter photostream, their Twitter account – say hi to @soundofrum, their MySpace page, and other good things currently including a notice of their imminent Jersey show! Click on the picture below to go to the site.

The show is being organised by Jamie Evans of Jersey Musicians Charitable Trust, who is also bassist with Jersey-based dub warriors Benny The Moth, alongside Asylum and St. Helier independent vinyl vendors Music Scene. Here is what Jamie says about the show:

Having signed a recording deal with Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank’s Sunday Best label only months ago they have been getting widespread Radio 1 airplay and critical acclaim from fans and press alike with their uniquely balanced crossover of spoken word poetry, hip-hop and jazz. Fronted by young spoken word artist Kate Excentral Tempest who has performed at slam poetry events in New York and London and recently featured on Griff Rhys Jones’ BBC 2 TV show ‘Why Poetry Matters’ they spent last year releasing 2 EPs and playing Reading and Leeds Festivals, Glastonbury, Bestival, Latitude and Secret Garden before signing a deal which is set to see their soon to be released debut album draw them massive exposure from a wider audience. Completing the sound are the perfect jazz beats of drummer Ferry and the complex arrangements of guitar and bass loop station maestro Archie. Their debut appearance on Channel Island shores is set to be a massive coup for musically discerning Islanders and a night surely not to be missed. Support on the night comes from Jersey’s own Jackson Lee and Oneofakind who has already opened from Quantic and DJ Yoda this year. Tickets are strictly limited £7 and available from Music Scene in Bath Street and White Label Records in Colomberie.

Right, signed in to Facebook? Of course you are. Attend!

Asylum at Live Lounge, July 24th 2009

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Fusion of cultures

Fusion of cultures

Asylum is serious about bringing to the attention of its audiences some of the best bands from outside of Jersey. Superior rock acts from Guernsey and the UK have graced the stage at Live Lounge and impressed all lucky enough to have seen them in recent months and now we are proud to announce a forthcoming show by the rock band Gasp’n gus who hail from Dinan in Brittany, France.

Gasp’n gus are Greg (vocals), Mikael (guitar), Maxime (guitar), Vince (drums), Antoine (bass) and Julien (keyboard). Their songs, sung in English by Greg with a richly soulful rock voice evoking Eddie Vedder in his mellower moments and Tom Waits in his gruffer, more agonised stylings, are delicately ornamented, classic pieces. The lyrics are romantic, impassioned poetry. Surrounding Greg’s virtuoso vocal performances is a bed of lush instrumentation which is subtly, spaciously arranged and always fascinating. There are sections of beautiful guitar soloing, keyboard parts, funky bass and jazz-inspired drumming that together suggest a mythical heyday of world pop. The music of Gasp’n gus belongs in stadiums.

They cite many influences including Jaco Pastorius, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Satriani, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Steve Gadd, Bruce Hornsby, Bon Jovi, Ryan Adams, Simple Minds, Karizma, Peter Gabriel and Maceo Parker. France, with its pop music having been more diversely multicultural than most British pop, is the natural place where this unique musical expression comes together.

Support acts for the show are Jerseybob and DJ Rosbif. Bob has already been with us several times with his band The Freewheelers and on this occasion will be performing solo. His songs, played, and lived, in the tradition of timeless troubadourianism, are joyous, heartfelt tributes to life, love and a quest for spiritual enrichment. DJ Rosbif will be playing a set of exoticism and danceability in equal measures.

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