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Asylum – November 14th and 21st

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Asylum on Saturday November 14th, our eagerly awaited big metal night, will be one of the best productions of fierce, furious and filthy music the Live Lounge has ever hosted. One of the bands due to appear on the night, Nailed To The Furnace, has had to pull out. The remaining five bands, Bulletproof, Chaos Theory, Nocturnum, We Bury Our Own, and Brutus Stonefist from Guernsey, are joined by special guest DJ Danny Parkes. Doors open at nine o’clock.


Brutus Stonefist

Brutus Stonefist have two songs up on MySpace. Five Pounds Of Flesh and Redgrave are deathcore tours de force with feral riffing and swarming, scabrous atmosphere. Have a listen and pay your respects to the Channel Islands’ kings of fear at Brutus Stonefist MySpace


Fantastic work from the desktop of pop artist extraordinaire, Mark Evans

JMCT, Music Scene and Asylum have joined forces to present Brobots! with Lee Downie and The Mulburys at Live Lounge on Saturday November 21st.

Brobots! were the subject of a recent profile in Gallery. With forthcoming appearances for Club Kamikaze at Live Lounge on November 13th and Hadouken at Liquid on November 28th, they are the 100% synthetic boy band that all of Jersey has come to love. Lee Downie aka Jackson Lee, beat box champion, last played for Asylum at the Oxjam Jersey event in July and impressed the audience there with a unique mix of hip hop and acoustic guitar playing. The Mulburys recorded a set of songs with producer Sam Falle this summer. Their sophisticated, punchy power pop is laden with lush grooves and irresistible hooks.

James Evans explains the inspiration for this show, “Instead of donating the money to charity as we have for the last twenty JMCT gigs we will be using any money we make this time to put an Asylum CD out next year and hope to start raising cash to put bands in the studio to record.”

Asylum at Live Lounge, Saturday November 14th 2009

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Metal Noise, Punk Boys and Girls

Metal Noise, Punk Boys and Girls

Six very heavy bands, with styles ranging from hard core punk to death metal, are performing at this rare Saturday booking for Asylum at Live Lounge.

Brutus Stonefist

Formed in Summer 2007 on Guernsey, Brutus Stonefist have the sole intention of writing riffs to make your hair stand on end, beat downs that make you want to run through brick walls, and breakdowns so brutal you won’t even notice that your best friend just smashed your neck. Their sound is described as the biggest, baddest bar brawl ever!

Their appearance on this night marks three-in-a-row for different acts from Guernsey working with Asylum. Brutus Stonefist are Tom Domaille (vocals), Nick Schofield (guitar), Mark Mercier (guitar), James Ogier (bass), and Paul Etasse (drums). Their reputation for extreme entertainment precedes them.


Returning to the Live Lounge for the third time this year, the darker than dark black metal supergroup that is Nocturnum have added to their lineup a second guitarist, Craig. He joins Midgard Morningstar (vocals), Alex (guitar), and Blake (drums). They are apparently still searching for a new bassist but the evidence of their last show was that the effortlessly cool pyrotechnic style of Alex’s virtuosic playing made that seem an irrelevance.


No news yet of the release date of their new album but there is a set of three videos on YouTube in which they discuss it and other things: Bulletproof video playlist. In between the chat there is footage from their opening set at the Bedell Group Ecuador Challenge show back in May. Bulletproof are Steve Creedy (guitar and vocals), Eddie Eversfield (drums) and Lee Gosselin (bass and vocals).

We Bury Our Own

Awesome, progressive, and dark with more than a hint of maniacal fun, We Bury Our Own aim to please with an approach to thrash metal that is both studiously technical and instantly appealing. Rob (vocals), Jordan (guitar), Andreas (guitar), Kyle (bass), and Chris (drums) make an impressive team.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory are Josh Feldman (lead guitar), Joey Conway (rhythm guitar), Kyle Jones (bass), Robert Telfer (drums), and Matt Ahier (vocals). Their new track previewed at MySpace, Rash, is a pile-driving epic with drums shifting dazzlingly between half and double tempos and a wall of guitar riffs that is dense sludge hewn into metrically precise patterns. Its excellent production quality is also worth noting.

Nailed To The Furnace

After a triumphant performance headlining at Branchage In The Asylum, Nailed To The Furnace return to demonstrate their mastery of a uniquely stark and savagely wrought metal style. Work on their album continues despite its producer’s recent injuries. Get well soon, Kyle.

Jersey Evening Post, June 13th 2009

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Asylum at Live Lounge, June 19th 2009

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Darkness audible

Darkness audible

Nocturnum are Midgard Morningstar (vocals), Alex (guitars), Blake (drums) and Muz (bass).

Nocturnum are a black metal band with an epic sound pitched in the swirling space where heaven and hell do battle: Jagged, motorik rhythms, savage guitar heroics and lyrics of bleak threnody and poetic passion. They have been diligently working on a set of tremendous audacity and verve, and have just finished their debut album Darker Than Darkness. It is a masterpiece of classic metal with production that will leave listeners dazzled. Copies of the CD will be available to buy for the great value price of £2.50.

We Bury Our Own are Rob (vocals), Jordan (guitar), Andreas (guitar), Kyle (bass) and Chris (drums). They are a heavy metal band with a well-deserved reputation for performances of visceral excitement and musical excellence. Their thrashy compositions, heavy as a black hole, are delivered with stunning power, and with the magnetic force of frontman Rob they always deliver quality in spades. They’ve been recording this year and there will be more information on this later.

Chaos Theory formed about a year ago, and this will be their first live performance. They are Josh Feldman (lead Guitar), Joey Conway (guitar), Robert Telfer (drums), Kyle Jones (bass) and Matt Ahier (vocals).

From Josh of the band: Chaos Theory make heavy metal music that is a fresh, bouncy, groove-laden power surge with some thrash mixed in for good measure. Having only been practising for the best part of a year, we have yet to gig. Nevertheless this is not to say that we are not ready! We are itching to showcase our product. From five lads who started jamming in a living room now comes a solid band with tracks that warrant an outsider’s appreciation. We have five original tracks ready and rearing to go, with two more in the pipeline that just require lyrics written for. We also have a handful of covers to choose from bands such as Metallica, Lamb of God and Chimaira.

Asylum at Live Lounge, April 3rd 2009

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Nocturnum are Midgard Morningstar (vocals), Alex (guitars), Blake (drums) and Muz (bass).

They are a black metal band with a titanic, hyper-gothic sound and a predilection for press releases written in Jerriais, having been writing, performing and recording together since 2007. Work on their first album, Darker Than Darkness – À la Glouaithe dé Dgiâbl’ye, is nearing completion. Samples from it posted on their MySpace profile indicate the shape of things to come; a wall of tightly woven guitar and bass motifs with superbly technical, progressive drumming and the kinds of vocals that follow you into nightmares. Could it turn out to be a masterpiece long-awaited by fans of heavy music since … well, the last Bulletproof album?

Nocturnum have a very loyal following in Jersey, and it is no exaggeration to say their upcoming show for Asylum at Live Lounge is one of the most eagerly awaited of the year so far.

So to Bulletproof, who are Steve (guitar and vocals), Lee (bass) and Eddie (drums). They’ve worked with Function Records, a London based independent record label, over the years, to produce a series of releases that are generally regarded as some of the finest, most socially aware and artistically honest rock ‘n’ roll ever to come from the Channel Islands. Making great records is one thing, but the true Bulletproof experience is a live one, when they tear the roof off any venue with their unsurpassed punk agitations and viscerally stunning musicianship.

We Bury Our Own are Rob (vocals), Jordan (guitar and vocals), Andreas (guitar), Kyle (bass), and Chris (drums).

The band is made up of former members of Labrat, You Might End Up Dead, Dumbass and Road Of Bones. They are masters of thrash and death metal with an emphasis on intricate arrangements and a wickedly energetic style of performance. Add dense horror atmospherics and a desire to get their audiences, in their words, ‘dancing erotically’, and we have a fine example of how Jersey’s hardcore metal scene is a sophisticated and unstoppable force.

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