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Asylum Poll Winners’ Show at Live Lounge, Friday 15th June 2012

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It’s been almost two years since Asylum produced a live event for the Live Lounge, Jersey. Friday 15th June sees the auspicious return, by public demand, of Asylum’s unique brand of eclectic live promotions. Following an overwhelmingly well subscribed recent poll to find the most requested live bands in Jersey, the top five acts chosen by fans are performing at the first of a series of shows that will run throughout summer 2012. It’s good to be back!

The Valentines
Stan Smith
Parker and The Flowing Wow
Gavin Tate of The Gaa Gaas

There are two shows on this date: Firstly, Asylum renews its commitment to Jersey’s vibrant youth music scene with the All Ages show from 6pm to 9.30pm. Scruffians, Stan Smith, and two UK acts The Valentines and Parker and The Flowing Wow will be performing at this show. There is a no alcohol policy at the early show, but in all other respects this show is the real deal – a concert rich in talent and excitement. Other forthcoming all ages shows will feature many more young bands of the Channel Islands, but this time we are presenting a near-mirror of the late show’s line-up. Entry for the all ages show is £2 on the door.

The late show starts at 10pm on the same night. Parker and The Flowing Wow, The Valentines, Stan Smith and Gavin Tate of The Gaa Gaas are the amazing acts, with support from the legendary DJ duo of Mr. Livingstone and Carlo Zen. In anticipation of a busy night, we’ll be opening the top floor bar as a chill area with some great DJing and sophisticated atmosphere to complement the frenzy of the live room on the middle floor. Entry for the late show is £7 on the door.

The Valentines, from Brighton, are renowned for their melodic brilliance, urbane attitude, and audacious splicing of doo-wop, garage rock and classic pop. Expect glamour and authentically stellar stage presence!


Stan Smith are Jersey’s undisputed masters of metal and notorious for the sheer power of their performances. Their live set is a technical tour-de-force and very heavy. They are signed to the crucial Rising Records label and are preparing to release an album in 2012.


Gavin Tate, a key figure of Bomp! the hugely influential St. Helier art pop collective, is based in Brighton where he directs his band The Gaa Gaas to ever-greater heights of phantasmagorical glamour. He recently performed at Gibus in Paris with a densely layered set of artful electronic noise, and will be treating the Asylum audience to a performance for drum machine, synthesizer, guitar and vocals.


Parker and The Flowing Wow are a band from Hove with great songs exhibiting a reverence for the classic signifiers of British indie rock: Psychedelia, keen melodic gifts and beautiful weirdness. Their sound condenses folk, pop and the enigma of surreal poetry. This band, liked by everyone that hears them, are currently finishing an album and it will be a marvellous thing!


Scruffians are the band that for Asylum’s comeback show represent the under-18s scene with poise and ambition. There is an alluring inventiveness about their songs which are melodically distinguished with clever interlocking guitar parts and a buoyant beat group swing to the rhythm section.


Asylum ran regular shows from 2008 to 2010, featuring the best alternative acts from the Channel Islands and UK, finally drawing the series to a close at its peak in October 2010. The reputation of Live Lounge as the premier venue in Jersey for live music is assured, and Asylum is proud to be back working with Flavio and his team to celebrate the diverse musical talents of the Channel Islands and invite special guest artists from the UK. For future events we’re planning to stage a team-up with the best bands from Guernsey, continue to support the youth scene, and welcome more great acts from across the seas.

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Poster designed by Luc Pallot

All band images © the respective artists.

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